Kaleo International English

Who Are We?

Team leaders in El Paso, Adrian and Kayla, have been based in the city since the summer of 2017, but the story of their adventure with God on the American-Mexican border goes back much further. In 2013, God spoke to Adrian through a vision of fire and revival on the Texas border, beginning a three year journey that completely changed their lives. In 2016 they joined Josue and Olivia in Reynosa, before launching out to begin working in Ciudad Juarez, Mexico.


God continues to open doors and use them in Juarez, but He is also beginning exciting new things just across the border in El Paso. Adrian and Kayla remained sensitive and obedient to the voice of God, and in August 2017 they relocated their family back to the United States where God has been using them to impact lives on both sides of the border.

The Team

What Do We Do?

Our base in El Paso works in two different geographical areas; El Paso, Texas then across the American border in Cuidad Juarez, Mexico.


We offer various conferences and training days in evangelism activation and hearing the voice of God. We love to hold nights of fire in churches across the region, spending an evening in the presence of God together with worship and teaching, following where ever the Holy Spirit leads. We also offer schools of ministry of varying lengths, if you or your church are interested in connecting of partnering with us, please get in touch.

What do we do on each side of the border?



Our base is a hub for establishing both long and short term schools of ministry for churches in Mexico. We train bodies of believers in presence-based Evangelism to impact their neighborhoods with the gospel.


Through pastors and leaders conferences we desire to have regional impact and see revival across the city. We are aiming to run a School of Fire in 2019, which we will open up to local churches across the region.


We have developing opportunities for children’s, youth, & pulpit ministry that impacts an apartment complex holding several hundred people. We are excited for what God is going to do in this area, as we take His love and power into the neighbourhood.


We have a strong focus on evangelism and want to see this city transformed by the love of Jesus. Alongside training leaders and believers we also work with them to run medical clinics as a form of outreach to the local community. We see many impacted through our our open air events in the major market places of Juarez. We worship in some of the busiest places of the city, in the bustle of the crowd people stop to find out more as we share about the healings and miracles that are happening right there on the street. During these events we pray for the sick, share the gospel while also offering entertainment for children and families.


We also reach out to the local law enforcement, ministering in police stations. These have been powerful times where we see large amounts of officers moved by the presence of God and giving their lives to Him.




In August 2017, God began to speak about expanding the ministry on the border and lead us to move from Juarez to El Paso. Not leaving Juarez behind, but continuing what had begun from across the border. Jesus asked us to open our home as a church each week, eating, worshiping and learning together with others. Not long after we began, people we had never met heard about what was happening and began to join us. In early 2018 we became an officially registered church and have continued to grow ever since. Our church meetings are very child friendly, Jesus clearly calls children as well as adults to follow His call, and their children are a very important part of what they do.


We love to live church family together, alongside meals during week, worshiping and discipleship. We regularly go out on 'Treasure Hunts', evangelism in the local supermarkets. Asking Jesus who is leading them to that day, and then going out to find them! These have been incredible times and they have seen so many people healed and touched by the love of God in the middle of their grocery shopping!

Jesus is the reason behind all that we do here at Kaleo do, He is the motor behind our motion. Without His presence and guidance our work is in vain. We meet regularly with others to spend time in His presence and also to pray for healing and intercede for God's will in our city.