Kaleo International English

The Kaleo International Bible Institute, in colaboration with and coverage by Christian Leadership University, officially opened in 2018.  Located in the small village of Nambale, Kenya, we operate under a Mission School agreement with Christian Leadership Seminary, and our curriculum, degrees, and programs of study are accredited by the Kenyan Educational authority.  We are deeply appreciative of Dr. Mark Virkler and the CLU staff for partnering with us.


On December 6, 2019, we graduated our first 10 students with an accredited Certificate of Ministry (30 hours credit).

Western Kenya has no other accredited Bible training colleges.  The area remains a stronghold of witchcraft and cultism.  Poverty is extreme. Therefore, both the opportunities and the opposition are strong.


We are very thankful and excited for what the Lord is doing through this institution.


If you wish to partner with us by donations for student scholarships, it would be appreciated and helpful.  It cost a student approximately $500 USD for one year of study. There are always other needs, including the purchase of surrounding land for expansion, and books for the college library.