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There is an incredible thing that happens when a missionary commits to a place and comes prepared to sow into an area long term. We believe that when there is a long term commitment and unity in a place, then blessing flows. So we are excited that you are interested in joining us long term.

We know that it can be a daunting and exciting thing to be praying and thinking about committing to the mission field long term, so our aim is to help you along the way as much as possible. Below is an outline of the application process, so that you know what to expect in the coming months. 


Kaleo is the Official Iris Global base in Mexico. Anyone wanting to join our team long term needs to have attended an Iris Global School/Kaleo School of Missions. This ensures that you know and understand our values as an organization and that we know who you are as an individual. If you are wanting to serve with us long-term, you will need to be familiar with and agree to the Kaleo (IRIS) Core Values, as these are values we live out daily. 

Long Term Missionaries with Kaleo should have the following traits:


Culturally acceptable


A positive attitude towards national leadership

Willingness to work under the Kaleo vision and values


Able to receive direction well versus having a “lone-ranger” attitude

A servant heart which shares the day-to-day responsibilities of community living, walks in God's love, and gives out of overflow.


If you are wanting to apply for a long-term position with Kaleo, you need to be able bodied and in good-health due to the demanding physical condition and schedule of the areas we work. If you have any ongoing medical conditions that you are concerned about please feel free to contact us.

Medical Insurance coverage will be verified before you come and serve with us.


Take some time to browse through the website and look at the different countries and regions we are currently based in. We would be more than happy to communicate with you if you have further questions about what our visions and goals are for specific regions

 If you already know the area you want to apply to, then you can download and start filling out the application form straight away (HERE)


Long term service with Kaleo is minimum of one year, but we prefer a commitment of at least 2 years. The reason behind this is that it usually takes at least 6 months to really become independent and affective in a new culture. We are wanting people to come and be ready to put down roots and sow into a community, and this can only really be achieved when you are willing to establish a place as your home. For senior leadership/base leaders we require a 5 year commitment.


Long term missionaries are responsible for their own financial support and there are no paid positions within Kaleo. Even so, long-term missionaries are accountable to the leadership of Kaleo and should seek to function in a manner that respects and honors leaders and other missionaries - including travel schedules and holidays.



Once you have filled out and submitted the form and required paperwork, your application will be reviewed by one of our Missionary Base Leaders. They will take some time to pray and consider your application. They may be in contact with you, if any further information is required. When Kaleo reviews applications, we work under the guidance of the Holy Spirit’s direction to match prospective missionaries with the current needs and opportunities at the Kaleo Bases.


In this time period you will likely be contacted for a further phone or Skype interview.


If you have never served with Kaleo on a base or alongside our missionaries, it is likely that you will be required to come and spend a short period of time with us on the mission field prior to acceptance as a long term missionary.

We want to take this opportunity to get to know you and also give you an opportunity to get to know us. This time will also give us a guide to which base you would be best suited to.


Kaleo will make a final decision and inform you of what to expect next.


If accepted, you will be put in contact with the appropriate base leaders to begin to discuss timeline and expectations. 

Raise support and GO!