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Kaleo International currently has four bases in Mexico. They are impacting four different regions of the country. Three of them are in the North and have ministries both on the Texan and Mexican sides of the border. The forth base is in South/Central Mexico, 3 hours south of Mexico City. The needs of each individual place shapes the way our outreach looks, but one focus remains above all, carrying the love of Jesus and discipling a nation.

Church Planting

Our heart is to see a nation loved and in love; disciples on fire for Jesus, training other disciples to run wholeheartedly after him. Local church is a vital element in the transformation of lives. We intentionally invest in church planting, as well as encouraging our surrounding local churches to live filled by the Holy Spirit, overflowing with a love that looks like something, a love that we know will transform the nation. We are passionate about training leaders, new and experienced, through our various schools across Mexico. If you are interested in attending or hosting one of our schools, please contact us at info@kaleointernational.org/en

Schools of Fire

Kaleo International partners with Catch the Fire and Partners in Harvest Toronto, hosting 'Schools of Fire' across Mexico. We invite local pastors along to be equipped in bringing the Kingdom of God to their city. Our vision is to see every city in Mexico host a School of Fire, and see the nation transformed by revival. To find out more about our Schools of Fire click here

Earthquake relief

The September 19th earthquake in 2017 hit the town of Jojulta hard, damaging homes and businesses and devastating surrounding villages. In the wake of the devastation, God has been moving miraculously. We have been so grateful for the hundreds of donations, which have enabled us to provide food, clean water, blankets, hygiene kits, medical aid and even running mobile medical clinics to some of the areas affected the most. These provisions have opened the doors for us to preach the gospel in villages that never heard the name of Jesus, displaying His power and love with miraculous healings and encounters with Him. As we follow where the Holy Spirit leads, villages are being transformed, leaders raised up, new churches planted and we are often seeing up to 90% of the village inhabitants giving their hearts to Jesus!

Outreach and Evangelism

The way that we serve takes on many different forms. We live a lifestyle of Christianity, sharing the good news as often as we can as we go through daily life. We also run/partner in the following ministries:

Brothel/Red zone outreaches

Church and lunch at the women's prison

Children's feeding programs

Homeless outreach

Discipleship with refugees

Treasure Hunts/Street Evangelism

University Language exchanges