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Who Are We?

Arturo and Emali Higura are our base leaders at Kaleo Morelos. They have been living as missionaries in the city of Jojutla since 2011, and have been part of Kaleo since the beginning. Our vision in Mexico is for national transformation, that begins with our region, our city, our churches and our homes. We work with leaders and pastors across the region and nation to equip and encourage them in the full power of the gospel. God is doing something huge here in Mexico, everywhere we go we are seeing healings and incredible moves of the Holy Spirit. Revival is coming!

The Team

If you are interested in joining our team as a long term missionary, check out the information on this page and then hop on over to the Long term missions section for more information on our training and how to apply.

What Do We Do?



Local church is one of our main focuses here at Kaleo, we believe that the nations will be reshaped through the love and passion of local believers, pursuing the hearts of their community for Him. We currently have four local Kaleo churches in Morelos and the invitation is always open to come and join us! We also have multiple small groups in the area, learning, worshipping and actively running after Jesus together as family. If you'd like to get involved, just send us an email for information on where you can find your closest group and church: [email protected]


Here at Kaleo Morelos we are very excited about the purchase of our first building! It is in Tequesquitengo, Morelos. Each week we come together for nights of worship here at 5pm on a Sunday, as well as running many of our missions projects from this new base. God's provision is amazing! He is so faithful. Keep an eye on our Kaleo Morelos Facebook page for updates on what is going on.




'The youth of today are the leaders of tomorrow.' This is true not only in the worlds of business and politics, but also within the church. Here at Kaleo Morelos, we have a passion to see a generation rise up that is in love with Jesus, burning with passion for Him, secure in their identities and fully equipped in the gifts of the spirit, ready to go out and change the world. In the early days we began with regional youth meetings, pursuing revival and intimacy with Jesus, which lead to churches beginning to work together in unity, breaking through barriers that had kept them apart for years!


Youth work in our region remains one of our greatest passions. We visit local churches to equip and encourage, challenging young people to step out of their comfort zones and experience the adventure of a life lived with Jesus. With the purchase of our first building we are excited about the opportunities to come for our youth work here in Jojutla.



Learn to do right; seek justice. Defend the oppressed. Take up the cause of the fatherless; plead the case of the widow.

Isaiah 1:17


God calls us to defend the oppressed and care for those in need. Each week our missionaries work to bring justice and the love of God to those in need around our city. We visit the girls in the red light district, taking a small gift and sharing with them the unconditional love of their heavenly father, who is watching over them. We also distribute food and clothing to those in need, as we share the gospel in our region. Visiting the local hospitals is another important part of our ministry, where we see incredible healings and salvations each week!


The local Police service have opened their doors to us and allow us to visit regularly and share the gospel with them. On many occasions we have seen people healed and set free. One man in particular was freed from years of back pain using a cane to walk. He was able to jump painfree for the first time in years and all of this took place in front of the entire shift of police officers! the change in his life was so huge that his wife began to believe after seeing what God had done!


Our heart is that when people come to know Jesus from any walk of life, especially those that have been through many challenging experiences, that they receive full healing and restoration from their past. We currently have a trained Sozo counsellor on our team, who is available to help believers, new and old, receive healing in their hearts through the Holy Spirit. We are also working to train more of our missionaries in this area, so that we can serve more of the community around us.



Earthquake Relief


In the wake of the 2017 'September 19' earthquake, our city was left in a state of shock and devastation. Families had lost loved ones and homes, and many of the villages in the surrounding area were struggling in similar circumstances. We want to say a huge thank you to the friends of Kaleo who donated food, clothing, building supplies and more. Thanks to your support, we were able to help many of the communities around us. One village, around two hours from Jojutla, had previously been completely closed to Christianity, never allowing a Christian church or work. The supplies opened the door for us to provide for them and to begin building relationships. We were able to preach the gospel that same day, seeing people healed and many giving their lives to Jesus! Now a group meets there weekly to disciple the new believers and we are excited and hopeful for the first Christian church to be planted there in the history of the village.




In 2017 we had a big focus on running 'Escuelas de Fuego' across our region and even nation. These are a week long intensive training and equipping for churches and leaders. This has developed into many different intensive training and activation sessions that we offer to our Kaleo Pastors and friends of Kaleo.


We offer training in:

● Evangelism ● Physical Healing ● Inner Healing ● Hearing the Voice of God ● The Prophetic


We have a large network of close friendships with many churches in our region and beyond. Each month we visit a different church from this family to provide training and also 'Noches de Fuego' – evenings of prayer and worship where we follow the Holy Spirit and press into God's presence together. If God is leading you to connect with Kaleo, or you feel that your church family would benefit from any of the training described here, please get in touch! We'd love to hear from you.

Contact: [email protected]




We love to receive people and short term missions teams always bring something new and exciting to our work here. If you are interesting in visiting alone or bringing a team, please get in touch at the following email address for more information:

Contact: [email protected]



We aim to have larger events at least twice a year in Morelos. Over the years we've seen the impact that they have on our cities. We've watched as changes happen in the lives of people and in the atmosphere, as hunger for the presence of God grows and unity builds between the churches. Churches that previously would not work together have joined us in running large events together as a family. This is just the beginning of what God has for Morelos. We have had the pleasure of hosting speakers such as John Arnott, Will Heart and Heidi Baker speak at these events. In March 2018 Iris leader and founder, Heidi Baker joined us and over 5,000 others in a field in Jojutla, for a weekend of healing, salvation and activation.


There are countless testimonies of lives changed by God during this weekend; real before and after stories, even stories of people who came simply only to work and sell food at the event, but left knowing Jesus. It was not only the people attending these events that were impacted by the Holy Spirit, but also those serving on our ministry teams. 5 different Bethel schools joined us to minister in the healing tent that weekend, all of whom left inspired and hungry to see more of God in their hometowns. For more information on our upcoming events check out our Facebook page