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Who Are We?

Our Reynosa base is the largest Kaleo Base in Mexico. It was planted in 2014 by the founders of Kaleo, Josue Christopher and Olivia. We have a team of international missionaries working alongside local pastors, missionaries and church planters to see transformation in our city. To find out more about our missionaries, check out our 'Meet the Team' section!

Every single person has value.

Beyond money, beyond measure, beyond imagination.

We are priceless.


Nothing makes our Dad in heaven happier, than one of His lost kids coming home.

For this reason, for the love of a broken hearted Father, we go out to the lost and broken of our city, reminding them of their worth and value, telling them of the love of Jesus that was willing to die for them. Religion is not our motivation, relationship is.


'But how can they call on him to save them unless they believe in him? And how can they believe in him if they have never heard about him? And how can they hear about him unless someone tells them?'

Romans 10:14


We believe that God is bringing revival to this city. We believe that a place once known for violence and crime, will be famous for Jesus and the outpouring of the power and love of God that is coming. We have already seen the violence begin to decrease and are constantly amazed by the number healings and transformed lives that we get to be a part of. Join us in praying for peace and revival in Mexico!

The Team

Every person brings something uniquely awesome to our Reynosa Family. We love that God has created us all differently to enable us to get the job done together. Lead by Holy Spirit, we combine our crazy variety of gifts and talents to enable us to reach our city in many different ways. Everyone has a part to play! From street evangelism to inner healing conferences, from practical work to the arts and creativity we flood our city with the love of Jesus in many different ways each week!


If you are interested in joining our team as a long term missionary, check out the information on this page and then hop on over to the Long term missions section for more information on our training and how to apply.

What Do We Do?



Planting vibrant local churches is in our DNA, it is both one of our core values and most exciting adventures at Kaleo. We love to live discipleship and raise up local leaders, ready to change the shape of their cities and nations. In Reynosa alone this looks different from one church plant to another.


Our first church was planted here by local pastor, Rosario. They meet together on the in one of the poorest areas of the city, on the doorstep of the red light district. Just a few streets from the brothel the girls can come to worship as part of our family and experience God's love for them. She is now also busy leading her second church plant in another area of town, where God is leading her to begin a children's ministry with opportunities to connect with their families.


Another of our churches here in Reynosa came very naturally out of the first Kaleo School of Missions. People came to the school building looking to join a church, so we started one! God made the way clear and we have been using the school building to house our church services since.


We are beginning to open more and more weekly life groups around the city and the surrounding areas. These meetings allow space for a deeper discipleship, as we study the word together, pray, worship and go out into the city. Our vision is to create disciples passionate about loving Jesus and both reaching and discipling those around them.


Want to get involved? We'd love to have you!

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No power in the sky above or in the earth below—indeed, nothing in all creation will ever be able to separate us from the love of God that is revealed in Christ Jesus our Lord.


Nothing can separate us from the love of God. There is no place that life can take you, where Jesus cannot reach you. Each week we visit the women's prison to share the love, joy and freedom that only Jesus can bring. Over food, we get to know the girls, building friendship and offering discipleship in the midst of the difficulty of their situation. Living for Jesus takes strength and devotion in any walk of life, but especially in the complicity of the prison setting. Please join us in praying for these girls as they go deeper with Jesus.



Beauty from Ashes is the name of our Red Light District Ministry in Reynosa.


'For husbands, this means love your wives, just as Christ loved the church. He gave up his life for her.'

Ephesians 5:25


Women are an image of beauty, made to be loved and respected. Jesus compares the love a woman in a relationship deserves to the love He shows for the church, a love willing to lay down its life for her. The Sex Industry often robs women of this right to be valued beyond measure, and loved as the daughters of the King that they are.


Each week we visit the brothel, loving the girls and spending time with them. We take a gift for every girl, a small token of the love that Jesus wants to lavish on them. We have been given permission to use an old abandoned bar within the walls of the Red Light District. Here, we are able to put on special dinners for the girls and offer weekly jewelry classes. As a team we love to dream up new ways of showering the love of God on each of the girls, and our heart is to see the place transformed. We believe that worship is a key part to the breakthrough that is to come, and for this reason we begin with a time of worship within the brothel each week. The Holy Spirit has been opening hearts and changing lives, we truly love these girls and are so excited for the bigger things that are to come in this place!




Senda De Vida is a Christian-run refugee centre, directly on the banks of the Rio-Grande. People come and go regularly from Senda, those trying to enter the USA who are rejected, or those who had been living there but are deported. All equally in need of a place to go and help to get back on their feet. Some stay days, some stay years, but no one leaves this place without hearing about the love of Jesus and being blessed with warm food, running water and a safe place to sleep.


We partner with the owners to provide discipleship three times a week, an opportunity for people to learn more about Jesus, ask questions, receive prayer and pray for one another. Each week we ask the Holy Spirit which topics to teach on, no one knows the people that will be with us better than Him!



Jesus calls us to heal the sick, cast out demons and raise the dead. Each week we visit one of the local hospital to pray for healing and share the love of Jesus with  families facing difficult situations.


We are raising up a church confident in their identity and authority, with compassion for those in need and willing to be the answer. We invite members of our church to join us in praying for the sick each week, on our first visit alone we saw 6 salvations, an ear healed and an arm begin to move again!



Here in Reynosa we have a strong focus on Evangelism. On a weekly basis our team heads out to the city streets, supermarkets and shopping centres ready to stop for the one that Jesus puts in front of us that day, and He never lets us down!


Each week we see people healed and touched by the Holy Spirit on the streets. They leave their houses expecting to come back with groceries, but God has even bigger things in store! God wants to use everyone, especially you! Why not stop and pray for some that you meet today? If we want to see Jesus at work in our lives, we need to step out and give Him space to step in!




We love working together with other churches, supporting and serving where we can. At Kaleo, we love to encourage and equip people to fully walk in the calling that God has for them, working together as one family across the churches. We often work together with other local churches to hold conferences, Nights of Fire, or run specific training and equipping sessions in evangelism and other areas.


If you are involved in leading a church here in Reynosa and are interested in partnering with us, please get in touch!




Our vision is to build a house of prayer, a place in Reynosa where prayer and worship never cease. Twenty Four hours a day, seven days a week. A place where the churches of Reynosa and beyond, come together to spend time with their heavenly Father, loving Jesus and interceding together for our city. The House of Prayer does not aim to be a church and we are not here to preach, our aim is to unite the churches across Reynosa in prayer and worship, to raise up a generation of worshippers and establish a culture of prayer in our city.


Our dream is to be open for prayer at all times, right now we are still working towards this goal and have various different opening times throughout the week. We also have regular prayer events of varying length from a full 24 hours to 8 and 12 hour events. If you are interested in joining us to pray on a regular basis, or would like to hear more about our upcoming events, please contact us via Facebook.




In January 2018 we had our first Kaleo School of missions here in Reynosa. 20 students from all over the world came to our city, all with one same vision; to go deeper with Jesus and learn how to live out The Great Commission. The school was incredible, within the first few days Holy Spirit was already transforming hearts, laying foundations and challenging people to step out in evangelism, leading worship, listening to His voice and in many more areas!


Our schools are held annually here in Reynosa and are a part of the Iris Global Missions schools. If you are interested in taking part in our next Kaleo School of Missions, for information on how to apply please click here.



2018 also saw our first Leadership School here in Reynosa. Leaders and Iris Global graduates from all corners of the globe joined us for a three week school, as we immersed ourselves together in God’s presence. The school involves practical teachings on leadership, church planting and other relevant themes, with discussions and space for questions. This is partnered with times of deep worship and encounter with God. The leadership school occurs annually and if you are interested in joining us for our next school, please click here to find more information.