Kaleo International English

Who are we?

Manu and Abi Moldenhauer are our leaders at Kaleo Spain, they moved to Madrid in the Spring of 2019. They were serving as part of the long term team at our base in Reynosa, Mexico, when God spoke to Manuel through a dream about moving to Spain. A life of faith is one lived in obedience to the voice of God, and so they packed up their bags and headed for Europe! 


Spain has a very complex history of religious hurt and oppression, but something new is coming. We believe that God wants to overwhelm Spain with the abundance of His love, to heal hurt and bring unity. We believe that God is calling a generation to rise up and step out in faith. A generation so deeply in love with Jesus that they are willing to lay it all down, be equipped in the fullness of their identity and sent out to transform the nation with the love of God.  


We believe that now is the time for Spain.

What we do

Our heart is to see the Spanish church strengthened, equipped and living in the fullness of all that God has for them. As part of this vision we love to visit churches across Spain, and Europe, to share and equip in all that God has been showing us. This includes:

  • Prayer Schools

We were created to live in deep and personal relationship with God. Our prayer schools give personal and practical guidance on how to pursue a deeper and more intimate relationship with Jesus. Falling deeper in love in your time alone with Him.

  • Hearing the voice of God

‘My sheep hear my voice, and I know them, and they follow me’ - John 10:27

Every follower of Jesus is able to know and follow the Father’s voice. In these sessions we aim to equip believers in hearing and discerning the voice of God, and teach on giving and receiving prophetic words.

  • Lifestyle of Surrender

The call to be a disciple is one of radical love and surrender, in these sessions we explore how to cultivate this lifestyle of a laid down lover, going after the fullness of God in day to day life. 

  • Evangelism 

We believe that every believer is called to share the love of Jesus in the power and presence of Holy Spirit. We want to equip and encourage you to follow Holy Spirit in love and boldness as you share Jesus everywhere you go, with everyone you meet!

  • Identity 

In God we are new creations, in these sessions we look at how to step into our new identity in Jesus and look at practical ways to pursue and take hold of breakthrough in our lives.

  • Nights of Fire

Evenings of going after the power and presence of the Holy Spirit together.

If you are interested in receiving more information, or in inviting us to share at your church or conference, you can contact us at: [email protected]

Local Ministry

Kaleo Spain is based in the Spanish capital of Madrid. On a local level we are planting a church, with life groups across the city. We are passionate about creating a culture where people live a lifestyle rooted in prayer and intimacy. Our focus is to make Him the focus. This involves lots of prayer, worship and intimacy with Jesus along with Holy Spirit led evangelism and planting local life groups to equip believers and live family together.  For more information on how to connect, join a life group or join us to share the love of Jesus on the streets of Madrid, you can follow us on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/KaleoMadrid1 or on Instagram: kaleo.madrid.