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Kaleo Leaders in America: Adrian and Kayla

Team leaders in El Paso, Adrian and Kayla, have been based in the city since the summer of 2017, but the story of their adventure with God on the American-Texas border goes back much further. In 2013, God spoke to Adrian through a vision of fire and revival on the Mexican border, beginning a three year journey that completely changed their lives. In 2016 they joined Josue and Olivia in Reynosa, before launching out to begin working in Ciudad Juarez, Mexico.


To hear more about the work that they continue to do in Juarez, check out our 'Mexico' page. God continues to open doors and use them in Juarez, but He is also beginning exciting new things just across the border in El Paso. Adrian and Kayla remained sensitive and obedient to the voice of God, and just last year they relocated their family back to the United States where God has been using them to impact lives on both sides of the border.


We have a passion to see the church in the USA living out its full potential, wholly immersed in the Father's love and carrying it out onto the streets and into their homes and work places. We work alongside local churches, running Schools of Activation and Fire, equipping them with the knowledge and the gifts of the Holy Spirit along with skills and passion for evangelism, before sending them out to impact their communities. With this same vision, we are also planting several Kaleo churches in America, mostly along the Mexican border in El Paso and Laredo, Texas.


Planting and establishing local churches in part of the international vision for the Kaleo network. We are at the beginning of an exciting adventure of church planting across the US, and there will be more information on this to come in the following months.


Church is not restricted to the perimeters that we set. A great example of this is what God is doing through Daniel and Sarah in Las Cruces, New Mexico. After seeing God doing amazing things during their time in Africa, Daniel began to ask God why he wasn't experiencing the same back home in America. God’s answer? ‘I’m not different in America Daniel, you are.’ Determined to experience more of God, Daniel began to walk up and down the main street outside his office each day, praying for the people he met, many of whom were living on the street at the time. Again and again he saw God freeing people from addictions, resulting in them being able to find jobs and homes, completely transforming their lives. After a while he realized that these people wanted more than a one off visit, but a place to connect and learn. This is where Church on the Street began, it's not a name, its what they do! Each Friday afternoon they meet on the benches opposite his office, people from any walk of life are welcome to join as they eat pizza, worship and talk about Jesus. Their catchphrase: 'Church has left the building!'


The story of the lost sheep is such a beautiful picture of how relentlessly God is chasing after the heart of every single person on our planet. A treasure hunt is an opportunity for us to take part in His pursuit. We begin by praying and asking God who He wants to highlight to us that day. We then go out in search of those people, praying and sharing His love with each 'treasure' that we find.


It is our job to love the people that He puts in front of us, and each day it looks different. From taking time out to pray for a waitress or shop assistant, to stopping and sharing your dinner with the homeless on the street. Our outreach to the poor and homeless takes different forms, but we are excited about the new doors that God has been opening for us; as we connect with shelters and minister on the streets, meeting physical needs where we can and sharing His love everywhere we go.

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