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Love looks like something.

It is in the consistency of being there week in and week out, and in the spontaneity of changing all plans at the drop of a hat.

It's in the miraculous healing and in the simplicity of sharing over coffee.

It will wait years for you to be ready to accept it, or change your life in an instant.

Love has no itinerary to follow and there is nothing that you can do to drive it away.

It is in stopping to help someone, even when the clock is ticking and it is in being willing to give up everything you own, to move to a new city or even nation, to serve the needs of others.

Love is what Jesus calls us to.

Missions work

Jesus tells us to Love the Lord our God with all that we are and to love those around us equally to ourselves. With identities rooted in Christ and knowing who our Father is, we tangibly share His love across the nations, reaching some of the poorest places of the world.


No two cultures are the same, just as no two people are alike. We use the gifts that God has given us to meet the needs in front of us, expressing the gospel through what we do as well as what we say. With the Holy Spirit as our artist, two Kaleo Bases rarely look alike, and we love that!

Nations where we work
Foreign missionaries
Full-time local workers
Distributed Bibles

Local church

Local church is the heart beat, the pulse with the power to change the rhythm of the community around it. Raising up and discipling local believers, so full of the Father’s love that it can’t help but overflow into their homes, work places and daily lives. We are called to establish vibrant local churches in every place that we work, often whilst working alongside other local churches to train, encourage and activate their national believers. Through our schools of ministry and missions, we work to prepare leaders to pioneer new churches throughout the nations.

Kaleo Leadership Team

Founding directors
South/Central Mexico Coordinators
KSM directors/pastoral care
El Paso/Juarez Coordinators
Nuevo Laredo Coordinators
Kenya Team Coordinators

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